Audi Inspired EV Idea Car Small By Design

A new concept out of Lima, Peru from designer Mortiz Gründel looks to help alleviate traffic congestion in the South American city, which Gründel says has limited room for highway expansion, by creating a smaller, thinner Audi-inspired vehicle that could accomodate more drivers on the road.

Named the e-R 1, the automaker Audi isn’t actually building the car, but rather Gründel imagines that in 2016 the e-R 1 will be a practical alternative to transport two people, sitting in tandem, instead of individual vehicles, like motorcycles or scooters, that he predicts will become more popular as cities grow.

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image via Mortiz Gründel

The electric vehicle is propelled by a rear-motor, but little other technical specifications have been listed by Gründel. From the images posted however, it appears the designer has incorporated a center-mounted iPad dock in the steering wheel, most likely for GPS navigation.

Since the design is set for 2016, and manufactured by a luxury company like Audi, we can imagine the headlights are LEDs and the body made from a lightweight carbon fiber material. And while we’re pretending, let’s give it the 250 mile range of a Tesla Roadster. It’s nice to dream.

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