Solar Airplane: The Ultimate Green Toy?

Combining solar power with good old fashioned fun, the Solar Powered Wooden Toy Airplane from Switzerland is sure to please even the most fastidious of au naturel parents and renewable energy geeks as well.

Green Diary reports that — unlike so many animated modern toys — this one requires no power source but the sun. Tiny thin-film solar cells provide juice to this little plane’s propeller; the stronger and more direct the sunlight, the faster it spins.

Solar Powered Wooden Toy Airplane

image via Berty and Masha

This plane itself is constructed from solid chestnut wood. It comes complete with wheels, wings and tail; there’s even a place for a little wooden pilot to sit. (The figure shown in this photograph is made of beech.)

These and other solar toys are available from Berty and Masha on Etsy. The Solar Powered Wooden Toy Airplane retails for around $106.50, factoring in the current rate of exchange from Swiss francs.

Susan DeFreitas has covered all manner of green technology for EarthTechling since 2009. She is a graduate of Prescott College for the Liberal Arts and the Environment, and has a background in marketing green businesses. Her work on green living has been featured in Yes! Magazine, the Utne Reader and Natural Home.

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