Mitsubishi i EV Gets EPA Fuel Rating

We’ve covered the new all-electric Mitsubishi car for months now, calling it the i-MiEV, but now it seems the automaker is dropping the name, next year calling the upgraded model the incredibly vague-sounding 2012 Mitsubishi i. This seems an odd naming choice – i-MiEV at least vaguely gave the idea this was an EV – but whatever.

Poor naming aside, Mitsubishi has upgraded software in the electric vehicle, and revamped the regenerative braking system to give the car a range of 98 miles under the LA4 driving test, a 7.5 mile course with several stop-and-go scenarios developed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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image via Mitsubishi

The EPA also gave the Mitsubishi i a 126MPGe fuel economy rating for city driving and 99MPGe rating for highway driving, to give the electric car a combined score of 112MPGe, which is about on par with is competitor the Nissan Leaf.

Earlier this year, we reported that the price of the i-MiEV could be under $20,000 with a federal tax credit incentive, but the 2012 i model seems to have jumped a bit, with the automotive maker announcing the base price for the new model will start at $27,990.

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    Janet Penno

    The Mitsubishi Electric Car would be a great investment too bad there is going to be such an increase in the price of next year model.u00a0 What did they do to warrant such an increase.

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