Electric Car As Green Home Idea Sparks Debate

If you follow green concepts around the web, you may have seen a new idea from American designer Jon Salerno on the Designboom blog that combines a housing-space with a dockable electric car that doubles as a tiny, downstairs living room.

Called the ‘Habitat’, above the kitchen and bed area, nestled next to the roof, are adjustable solar panels, which help power a fuel cell system, which can then charge the car or power the home at night. Designboom suggests the house has wind power capabilities, but from the photo below, it doesn’t appear to be properly equipped to harness the technology.

Microcar, Microhome, Jon Salerno, Solar Power, Electric Car, Home, House

image via Jon Salerno

Others, such as OregonLive, have noted the concept does have one glaring mistake – a lack of bathroom. Unless it’s the chair by the fuel cells in the image below, or the units have communal facilities, which is entirely possible, we suppose. But, then why an individual electric vehicle as some i09 commenters noted, over public transportation?

Microcar, Microhome, Jon Salerno, Electric Car, Solar Power

image via Jon Salerno

Perhaps, as an American designer, Salerno believes efforts like electric buses and high-speed rail are ultimately doomed. Or perhaps the units are temporary structures that could be deployed in cases where a team needed to based for several months, like on Mars. In any case, with a living area of 132 square-feet, you’re going to be spending an incredible amount waking life in your car/living-room, so you better make it cozy.

So, what do you think? Is this concept a viable option for future homeowners, or are there improvements that need to be made in the basic outline?

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