Cool Green Camper Vehicle Concept Debuts

Design collective NAU has released a concept that looks to combine outdoor adventure with green technology with a new electric vehicle idea called the Ecco. A mobile camper that doubles as an all-electric car, the Ecco is one of the smarter concepts we’ve seen lately.

The Ecco’s idea of space-saving is a lot like a mico-home and car combination we recently featured, but keeps in mind the notion of temporary living, and provides a large surface area for additional energy from solar power. The design group previously dreamed up a solar panel, multi-directional home unit called Living Roof, that incorporates the same foundation of efficiency.

Ecco, Electric Car, Electric Vehicles, Green Recreation

image via NAU

As Gizmag points out, the vehicle, seen in the image above, is extremely aerodynamic, roughly eight feet wide, sixteen feet long, and six feet tall, and comprised of aluminum, making it lightweight as well. When stopped, the Ecco unfurls a sail-like back that allows people stand up inside the five-person vehicle, unfold beds, and even reveal a toilet.

Ecco, Electric Car, Electric Vehicle, Green Camping

image via NAU

Although the concept is equipped with solar panels, as we mentioned above, the main power source is presumably a lithium-ion battery system since the Ecco features a 240 volt plug-in for modern charging stations. A product like this would most likely cost upwards of $100,00 for the electric propulsion components alone, but new RVs can cost the same. So, with any luck, we’ll see a similar, real-word example soon.

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