Better Place EV Stations Arrive in Denmark

The switchable electric battery company Better Place has announced the opening of the first battery changing station in Denmark just outside Copenhagen in the city of Gladsaxe. Earlier this year, we noted a deal was being planned in the country, but few details were available at the time.

Better Place has been expanding their business around the globe this year, with locations planned in Isreal, Tokyo, China, and even an electric taxi cab project in San Francisco. In Denmark, the company has plans to open 19 additional locations, outside the one already open in Gladsaxe, over the next nine months.

Renualt Fluence Z.E., Electric Car, Electric Vehicle, France, Denmark, Better Place

image via Renault

The first car to pass through the Denmark station was a Fluence Z.E., seen in the photo above, from the French automaker Renault. We recently noted that the car may be the cheapest all-electric model in the U.K., but only before factoring in battery swapping costs.

Charging some electric cars, like the Fluence Z.E., from standard outlets can take hours, and even Level 3 DC charging stations can take up to half-an-hour to refuel electric vehicles, making fast battery changing options attractive to drivers concerned with range. A new report, however, suggests that lithium-ion batteries are the primary source of carbon emissions during green car production; therefore, manufacturing more may not be the most eco-conscious way to change transportation habits.

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