Tesla Motors Posts Pretty Model S Photos

It’s difficult to not be excited about Tesla Motors, even though the American-based automaker only releases electric vehicles that can cost almost as much as some homes in certain parts of the country. We’ve been watching developments of the manufacturer’s latest car, the Model S, for some time now, noting details about the luxury product earlier this year, and highlighting images from the production facility.

We recently reported that the company has opened up a new public stock offering, and built a new retail location in Colorado to expand sales of the Model S. Following up on those news items, Tesla Motoros recently released a gallery of images for the Model S. Check them out below and make sure to wipe the drool off your keyboard when done.

image Tesla Motors

image via Tesla Motors

image via Tesla Motors

image via Tesla Motors

image via Tesla Motors

Features and pricing of the Tesla Model S, to date, include that the US base model, equipped with the 160-mile battery, will be priced at $49,900 and that’s AFTER a $7,500 federal tax credit. 230 and 300-mile versions, made possible via different battery offerings, are expected to be priced at $59,900 and $69,900 respectively, though final pricing details won’t be released until later this summer.

As for performance, the vehicle is said to be able to accelerate from 0-60 in 5.9 seconds, with a top speed of 120 MPH. The three different battery sizes are said to be chargeable in as little as 45 minutes. It offers seating for five adults and two children plus bonus cargo space under the hood.

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  • Reply June 15, 2011


    Liberal Hippies.u00a0 Never happy.u00a0 A car company comes out changing the face of an industry and you are STILL not happy.u00a0 Technology does not just get invented and come out at low cost.u00a0 It takes time.u00a0 Time for a demand to be built, capital, and competition to establish itself.u00a0 Can’t you just be happy that a company is taking a step to move the country away from a 19th Century industry that has basically been stagnated in mechanical terms for over 100 years?u00a0 Here Elon Musk comes out dominating the media with amazing progress and all you can do is complain that the cost is too high?u00a0 Look how expensive HD televisions were just two years ago.u00a0 The price has dropped 100%.u00a0 Either lead us in a new direction with all of YOUR ideas, get on board, or get out of the way.u00a0 This article is not only garbage but should be embarassing.u00a0

    • Reply June 15, 2011


      Tesla Motors has not changed the face of the automotive industry. They are a respectable brand in a nichu00e9 market that represents far less than ten percent of drivers on the road, available only to those in the upper middle class and above. Comparing HD televisions with cars is unpractical, and ignorantly suggests the components used and the consumers interested are the same. Finally, as a news and opinion blog, it’s not up to this site to design and manufacture the solution for the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

      • Reply June 22, 2011

        Wade Covington

        Maybe “perception” would have been a better word.u00a0 But, if they keep going the way they are, they just may change the automotive industry.u00a0 Nobody can deny that Tesla has done great things for the electric car movement, from technological advancements to media buzz.u00a0 My point to the author was that Tesla’s participation is going to result in more attention to this industry, but green folk are still raggin on them about the price tag.u00a0 Using televisions as an example I thought would get my point across…apparently not.u00a0 How about cell phones?u00a0 Not everyone owned one in 1973, they were more than $2000, but look what technological advances and competition did.u00a0 Green folk need to get on board with what Tesla is doing here, and appreciate the contribution they are making in moving the electric car industry forward.

  • Reply June 15, 2011

    John Roger Cummings

    Some gas powered BMWs cost as much or more than the Model S and that is the niche Tesla seems to be going for. Their game plan has always been to produce an affordable sedan for the masses but even they admit it probably won’t be developed until after the Model X. nn I’ve been planning on purchasing a vehicle next year and my choices have been narrowed down to the Model S and a BMW 5 Series and I’m leaning heavily toward the Model S. The overall out of pocket cost over the lifetime of owning the Model S outweighs the BMW and that is the big reason the Model S looks so attractive to me and I’m sure others as well.

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