South Carolina Government Buys Electric Vans

The state of South Carolina has chosen GGT Electric, a manufacturer based in Michigan, to fullfil an order of ten low-speed electric vehicles by 2012, with an option for ten more vehicles in 2013. According to the company, its E-Dyne Van will replace existing gasoline vehicles around the state, including the capital of Columbia.

South Carolina’s government will use the electric vehicles for a variety of tasks, such as grounds maintenance, parking enforcement, light hauling duties, and transporting personel. The two year contract is worth at least $280,000, and perhaps more should the state find they need additional vans.

image via GGT Electric

The E-Dyne comes in a variety of options, a potential eight passenger vehicle, or two set cargo van, and can be equipped with either a 72 volt, 6 kilowatt or 96 volt, 25 kilowatt electric motor. While the van is legally able to drive in 35 miles per hour zones, it has a top speed of 25 mph.

Weighing approximately 3,000 pounds, and powered by either a 72V or 96V absorbed glass mat battery, the vehicle has a range of over 30 miles or 40 miles, depending on the model. Overall, not an exceptional electric vehicle, but not poor in any regard. State employees will, however, have to plan around the 8 to 10 hour charge time.

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