European E-Miglia EV Race Set For Summer

On August 2nd, thirty-two electric vehicles will take a nearly 500 mile route from Munich, Germany to St. Mortiz, Switzerland in an constancy race that spans four countries called E-Miglia. A diverse line of cars will be participating, with models varying from those with a range of less than 75 miles to those with a range of almost 250 miles on a full charge.

The electric cars spread the gamete in price as well, from under $50,000 to over $150,000. Daringly enough, there’s even a suped-up, pedelec electric bicycle competing. Tesla Motors is one of the higher-end companies in the race, and, as we noted last year, has been trying to expand sales in Switzerland.

Photo of electric vehicles in the E-Miglia european race.

image via E-Miglia

Other automakers competing include Peugeot and Smart, along with models like the Mini E, the C-Zero, and Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV. Although the different vehicles won’t be running as close as they appear in the image above, the diverse group will stop at mid-day for three hours during the journey for everyone to have access to a charging station.

According to the race organizers, the most any of the vehicles participating will pay in energy costs is roughly ten cents a mile, a significant amount less than what the average American spends using a standar car with current gasoline prices. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy says the average cost per mile for an electric vehicle can be as low as two cents. As infrastructure improves in this country, perhaps we’ll see a similar electric race in the near future.

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