DIY Solar Powered EV Built By Students

We’ve gotten a lot of pitches here at EarthTechling, but when someone tipped us off to an electric vehicle designed for the zombie apocalypse, our geek-sensors were über-peaked. This is, after all, a technology website. So, adjust your glasses and read on.

Two brothers, Michael and Kenny Ham, decided to make a vehicle out of relatively easy to find parts in case society should someday collapse, the most likely reason being a zombie outbreak, seeing as how Honda was already marketing the vehicle directly to undead customers. In all fairness, the automaker was also marketing cars to monsters, woodsmen, and even ninjas who listen to powerhouse nerd rapper MC Chris.

image via Kinaestheticwind

So, to help make their post-apocalyptic all-electric vehicle a reality, the brothers turned to students in their building class at the University of New Mexico in Los Alamos. Calling the project TWEAK (Three Wheeled Electric Alternative) by Kinaestheticwind, a non-profit group), students had only four class periods to build the vehicle.

Using parts from an old Volkswagen Beetle, a motorcycle, a bicycle, and fitting them with a solar powered system, the team was able to make a relatively inexpensive mode of transportation in a short amount of time. In full disclosure, the students had to meet outside of class to finish the vehicle, but we’ll give them a pass for being so dedicated. You can see photos of the manufacturing process by clicking here, and watch a video of the TWEAK in action below:

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