BYD’s All-Electric e6 Comes To Netherlands

Chinese manufacturer BYD recently signed an agreement with the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands to provide some of its all-electric cars to the government as part of an electric vehicle test program called the 75-EV-RO.

We’ve covered BYD quite a bit in the past, noting the company found support from famous investor Warren Buffet, and first started as a battery manufacturer before turning to cars in 2006. Most recently, we reported on the 300-strong electric taxi fleet the automaker is deploying this year in China, as well as the fleet of 300 electric buses.

image via City of Rotterdam

BYD’s e6 vehicle, seen in the photo above with Prince Maurits van Oranje, will be part of Rotterdam’s electric vehicle test program, which will be made up of of 75 green cars of different types, in a move the government hopes will change citizens’ concerns over the new technology.

Unlike many modern electric cars, the e6 is powered by an iron-phosphate battery, not a lithium-ion system. But that doesn’t mean the vehicle lacks capability, as the five-seater has a range of over 180 miles on a single charge. Expect big things from BYD: not only does the company have a secure footing in the world’s largest automotive market, the manufacturer has been gaining ground in several other countries around the globe as well.

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