AAA Gets Mobile Electric Vehicle Charger

Range anxiety in the U.S. now has a new remedy it looks like. Motor club AAA recently unveiled its new mobile electric vehicle charging unit to the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), an industry professional membership organization started in 1989 that works to advance electric vehicles in the United States.

We’ve noted the organization previously  – reporting that the group claims 75% of Americans drive less than 60 miles a day – called for an electric car task force in the Obama Administration last year, and that it’s previous co-chairman is up for the role of Commerce Secretary.

Nissan Leaf

image via Nissan

AAA says the mobile charging stations are both Level 2 and quick-charge Level 3 units, and will be on display at the Plug-In 2011 Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina before being deployed for service in select cities later this summer.

We’ve seen some similar solutions for electric vehicles that may run out of juice, one in Australia, one in Switzerland, one in Japan, and even a select trial here in America. AAA’s most recent initiative may prove to be one of the most successful, however, given the organization’s large customer base.

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