Toyota To Launch EV Social Network

We all know social networks like Facebook and Twitter – hey, you should follow us there – have changed the way people talk to each other, receive news, share information, and more. But does mean your car needs its own place online? One automaker believes it’s a good idea.

Toyota has partnered with, a cloud-computing technology firm, to create a private social network for customers with electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids to interact with the company and one another, calling the site Toyota Friend. The program is set to launch first in Japan for business clients sometime in 2012.

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One example the company gave for the new site’s use – if driver’s electric car has a low battery, it will send a short message to the user within the social network. The site can be accessed through mobile devices, which is nice, but unless the online program can auto-push a battery alert to a driver’s phone, adding yet another site to a person’s daily routine seems unnecessary.

Perhaps future updates are planned, like being able to remotely tell a car to charge itself, perhaps through induction. Still, is investing nearly $3 million the larger cloud-computing venture, Toyota is dropping over $5 million into the project, and Microsoft, which we recently reported had partnered with the car manufacturer for energy management, is spending just roughly $4 million on the overall program.

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