Tesla Motors Installing EV Chargers in UK

American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors is partnering with hotels and tourist stops in the United Kingdom to install ten public charging stations. The units will be privately owned, but available for free or variable rates.

Tesla Motors claims that drivers using the 70 amp charging units can re-fuel an empty lithium-ion battery system, as found in its Roadster, in approximately three hours. With a range of 212 miles, driver David Peilow says he was able to drive across Great Britain in a Roadster on a single charge, and believes national coverage can be achieved with just a few strategically placed charging sites.

image via Tesla Motors

To prove travel from one end of the country to the other with zero emissions was possible, a two team crew drove 900 miles over the course of one weekend, stopping to charge when needed at places like the the Radison Blu Hotel and Marriott Country Club.

We recently noted that a German Roadster owner had driven over 60,000 miles in his vehicle, and anxiously await the company to release its new Model S version sometime in 2012. Still, the price tag for even the most modest Model S, with a range of only 160 miles, has been stated at around $50,000, and that’s after the $7,500 federal tax credit. But if beating a Nissan Leaf off the line in style for an extra $17,000 or so is worth it to you, then we say, “buckle up.”

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