Electric Scooter Idea Is Bamboo Panelled

Industrial designers Dino Tsipanos, Greg Mitchell, and Brad Johnson have created an electric scooter concept that has been specifically designed with college students in mind, and they’re calling the vehicle the Voltaic.

The vehicle has a large storage cargo in the middle of the bamboo-panelled frame, next to the lithium-ion battery pack, that can keep belongings safe from bad weather. The electric scooter would be equipped with a 1,000 watt hub motor located in the rear wheelbase, and an iPhone dock in the small dashboard console for GPS navigation.

image via Coroflot

The original goal of the design project was to modify an existing chassis of a scooter that didn’t work anymore, keeping environmental impact low. The team removed the foot-wheel common on other models, and as you can see in the digital image above – came up with a form that resembles a motorcycle in many ways.

Like others online, we can’t wait to see if this unique project ever makes it to the production phase.

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