Chinese EV Taxi Fleet Performing Well

Chinese rechargeable battery manufacturer turned automaker BYD is celebrating the one year anniversary of it’s all-electric taxi fleet, which it says is the largest in the world, by announcing performance results of its three pilot models.

BYD, famously invested in by billionaire Warren Buffet, started as a battery making company in 1995, but entered the automobile market in 2003. The company has kept costs low by replacing machines with thousands of low-wage workers in its several factories located all over the world. And by being both the battery maker and car manufacturer, BYD has shown some very good results with its line of electric vehicles.

image via BYD

Although the company highlighted two of its bus fleets, one called the F3DM undergoing testing in L.A., and another in Shenzhen expecting to add 300 more of the eBus-12 models, BYD’s all-electric taxi service cars seemed to be the best performers.

The taxi fleet in Shenzhen started as a 50 car organization, made up of e6 models which have a range of 160 miles and a top speed of 88 miles per hour, but will grow to a fleet of 300 before August of this year. The e6 fleet was supposedly continuously being rapid-charged, but so far the automaker says it has seen no noticeable drop in energy performance in the car’s ion-phosphate battery, making the vehicle all the more impressive.

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