German Electric Airplane Soars Ahead

German company PC-Aero has announced that their first official test flight of the ultra-low energy Elektra One airplane has been successful. The aircraft, flown by test pilot Jon Karkow, was in the air for almost 30 minutes and used only 3 kilowatt hours of energy during the initial journey.

The Elektra One has been in development for two years now, and is looking to become the leading zero-emission craft in the leisure aviation market, a niche industry the president of PC-Aero, Calin Gologan, believes will bridge the next step toward commercial electric air-transportation.

image via PC-Aero

PC-Aero claims the craft can potentially stay in the air for over three hours with a range of almost 250 miles and a cruising speed of nearly 100 miles per hour. A one-seater plane, the Elektra One weights approximately 400 pounds with batteries, and has a wing span of nearly 30 feet.

The company says that the Elektra One’s total cost, airplane plus hanger and power, costs less than $150,000 for use, however, it’s relatively impossible to base that number on real market factors at this time. A second test flight is currently being planned, and will be under the operation of German pilot Norbert Lorenzen.

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