Feds, Google Partner for EV Chargers Map

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Google are working together, along with over 80 electric vehicle related organizations, to collect data about public charging stations across the nation.

The program is called GeoEVSE Forum, and will be hosted on the Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicle Data Center website, which you can test-out by clicking here. The image below is a sample of electric charging stations in the Portland, Oregon area where EarthTechling is headquartered, but could also be tailored to find biodiesel, compressed natural gas, hydrogen, ethanol, and liquefied gas.

image via Alternative Fuels and Advance Vehicles Data Center

We’ve reported on two of the companies joining the project, Coulomb Technologies which has its own electric vehicle map for mobile devices, and Best Buy which has been working to install charging stations at select locations. 600 stations are already available to find on the GeoEVSE Forum.

In related news, the Department of Energy has announced that $5 million in public funding will be available to local governments and private companies who apply to get support for projects that accelerate the installation of electric vehicle charging stations and infrastructure. The deadline for applications is June 13th of this year; for more information use the public opportunities search website and look under the “Clean Cities” title.

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