AMP Signs EV Fleet Agreement In Iceland

AMP Electric Vehicles has signed a fleet agreement with Icelandic company Northern Lights Energy (NLE) that the company says will be worth $100 million once fully executed.

Over twenty vehicles are expected to be delivered to NLE by September of this year. The types of vehicles delivered will be flexible, but one will most certainly be a modified Chevy Equinox, which has a top speed of 90 miles per hour and an estimated range of approximately 100 miles on a full charge.

image via AMP Electric Vehicles

Other models, like the Mercedes Benz ML EV may be added, along with other cars, over the next ninety days. NLE says over fifty companies are signed up to host electric charging stations or convert their fleet of vehicles to electric versions.

The program is part of a larger project in Iceland to expand electric vehicles, which can be powered by the country’s abundant hydro and geothermal resources.

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