Renault Brings Electric Car To Denmark

Better Place, a global electric vehicle infrastructure provider, has partnered with Frech automaker Renault to bring the Fluence Z.E. to Denmark. Together, the companies are calling the new product the first “unlimited mileage” electric car. Consumers who order a Fluence Z.E. can sign up for Better Place’s eMobility package that gives drivers a switchable-battery program.

The electric vehicle will be available at Europe’s first Better Place Center, and comes with five, price-fixed range options based on kilometers driven. For customers who drive more than 40,000 kilometers per year, or roughly 25,000 miles, the companies are offering an “all you can drive” package for just over $560 a month, where owners can change out batteries at stations around the country.

Renault Fluence

image via Renault

Those who drive 20,000 kilometers per year in Denmark can opt-in for a slightly cheaper program for roughly $280 a month, and a one-time installation fee of almost $2,000 for an at-home charging station. The United States EPA estimates average miles driven by most vehicles is 12,000 miles, or around 20,000 kilometers.

The Fluence Z.E. comes equipped with standard features, and is powered by a lithium-ion battery, giving the car an estimated range of almost 115 miles on a full charge. Renault and Better Place claim the process of switching batteries takes less than five minutes, however, at the time of this article the number and location of said stations were not revealed.

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