New Electric Vehicles Hit The Vegas Strip

As if the Las Vegas strip weren’t “colorful” enough, news from electronics recycler RMD Technologies indicates that it is about to get just a little more interesting. The company recently inked a deal with an undisclosed Las Vegas rental company that will put five of the company’s Utility Terrain Electric (UTE) vehicles out on the strip.

The UTE will be hard to miss and the company is counting on its unique look to capture the attention of Strip surfers and help popularize the fully electric vehicle which, according to RMD , is built using a high percentage of recycled e-waste. “We are thrilled to be chosen for this project. The delivery of these vehicles will be an excellent opportunity to get our product into the public eye,” stated Patrick Galliher, CEO of RMD Technologies. “Based on the amount of exposure the UTE will get on the Strip, we expect to receive interest from resorts and other potential clients.”

UTE all-terain electric vehicle

image via RMD Technologies

A few more details on the UTE have been released since we last looked at it late last  year. We now know that the vehicle is outfitted with composite body panels that will never rust, a rust proof aluminum frame, rack and pinion steering, suspended seating, a 16 horsepower (peak) 48 volt DC motor (with the option to upgrade to a 72 volt motor), six 8-volt rechargeable electrolyte batteries standard and the ability to recharge the unit from any standard 110 volt outlet.

RMD expects we’ll be seeing their vehicles cruising the Strip sometime in 2012, when the first five are delivered to the rental company.

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