Geneva Auto Show: Mia Electric MicroBus

There are always a few vehicles which fly under the radar of media at events like auto shows. Such is the case with a new, compact vehicle called the MicroBus that debuted at this year’s Geneva Auto Show from German automaker Mia Electric. The new line of cars will come in three models of various sizes, all with centered driver’s seats. The standard three-seat Mia, the four-set Mia L, and the one-seat Mia Box Van (K).

Designed by former Volkswagen employee Murta Günak, the electric vehicles quietly debuted amid the big news around some of the more traditional electric models unveiled this year in Switzerland. But thankfully, a recent report highlighted some keys ways in which the new line of Mia vehicles outshine similar models, like Daimler’s Smart series or others from Volkswagen.

Image via Mia Electric

All three new Mia Electric vehicles have a top speed of almost 70 miles per hour and have a full-battery charge time of approximately three hours using a 230 V source. The range for the cars is estimated at just under 60 miles on a full charge. Each of the vehicles comes equipped with two sliding doors and the center driver’s seat previously mentioned. The heaviest of the vehicles, the Mia L, weighs just over 1,700 lbs, impressively light for a four-passenger car. The standard Mia is just over 9 feet in length, the Mia L and K are approximately 10.5 feet long.

All around, the cars are quite small for the amount of room and bodies they can transport. Production of the vehicles is expected to start in June of this year, however, the cars are currently available for pre-order in Europe for fleet service with private consumers able to purchase in 2012. The most expensive model, the Mia L, retails for around $34,000.

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