EX-Treme EV Scooter Screwdriver Powered

Now here’s a brilliant concept for DIY transportation: a head-turning scooter powered by 18-volt screwdrivers. Nils Ferber built a prototype of this outrageous device, and here it is, the EX electric vehicle (which comes to us via Ecofriend).

Eschewing the architecture typical of both electric bikes and scooters, Ferber and his team decided that the EX should be built differently, from the ground up. The driver is propelled headlong on his three-wheeled vehicle and accelerates with arms sprawled out up to 30 kilometers an hour (18 miles an hour). A specially-developed joint in the frame tilts the back wheel and leans the driver´s weight dynamically into the curve, allowing for an intuitive, whole-body steering experience; both gas and brake controls are housed in the handlebars.

EX w/driver, front-view

image via Nils Ferber

Ferber and his design partners (Sebastian Auray, Ruben Faber and Ludolf von Oldershausen) named the vehicle after its chief characteristic in their eyes, its eccentricity. “Excentricity [sic] is defined as a deviation from what is ordinary or customary,” writes Ferber. He goes on to note that in order to match this definition, he and his team couldn´t just modify an existing vehicle, but had to design something from scratch.

EX w/driver, side-view

image via Nils Ferber

While the whole screwdriver-powered element is amazing–as is any vehicle architecture that can translate the functioning of a power tool into an 18 mile per hour people-mover–we worry about the the whole headlong driving aspect here. Ferber notes that “the headlong position gives you an exiting [sic] driving experience.” We fear this may be all too true.

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    nice concept…how is the back pain for this?

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    Now that is truly thinking outside of the box.

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