EV Startup Edges Towards Financing

Electric Moto Corporation has announced that it has reached an “agreement in principle” with a financing firm for the development of its prototype electric motorcycles and other products. While the details of the deal have not been disclosed, this promises good things for fans of both high-performance motorcycles and the “low carbon lifestyle.”

Electric Moto Corporation is headed by Mitch Leonard, an 18-year veteran of the motorcycle and racing industry. Working with a team, Leonard developed the EMAZ 72DS, a sleek 72-volt dual sport on and off-road electric motorcycle with four patents pending. Now, having secured the financing to move forward, the company will presumably edge towards bringing this high-performance bike to market.

Electric Moto Corporation EMAX 72DS

image via Electric Moto Corporation

Other projects on the drawing board for Electric Moto–which seeks to position itself as an electric vehicle lifestyle company–include an electric bicycle, ATV, a scooter, and even a personal watercraft, all powered by electricity. All products will use virtually silent engines that produce zero tail-pipe emissions, and be manufactured domestically.

Susan DeFreitas has covered all manner of green technology for EarthTechling since 2009. She is a graduate of Prescott College for the Liberal Arts and the Environment, and has a background in marketing green businesses. Her work on green living has been featured in Yes! Magazine, the Utne Reader and Natural Home.

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