Curbside EV Charger Charges Like Meter

Sure, high-speed charging at home is great. But what’s an electric vehicle (EV) owner lacking a garage supposed to do? Wilson Lau of Vancouver, British Columbia has the answer: the Level 2 Charger for the urban curb.

This concept design developed for Powertech Labs resembles a modern parking meter and features a three prong outlet protected from the elements by a fold-down cover. To charge up, simply lift the flap, plug in via the cord provided with your EV, swipe your card, and charge up while you go about your business. When you return, your EV will be juiced up and ready to go.

Curbside EV charger

image via Wilson Lau

The designer’s conception is that, unlike parking meters, the Level 2 Chargers featured curbside throughout your city will not be booked on  a first-come, first-served basis–rather, your car will be able to find open meters via a wireless mapping function, and book the charger of your choice via electronic reservation. A clever solution to the problem of both where to charge and where to park.

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