CES 2011: Eton Raptor Adventure Tool

They say there are two types of adventure junkies: smart adventure junkies, and dead adventure junkies. With that in mind, Eton is at the Consumer Electronics Show to unveil the Raptor, an adventure tool that’s small enough at 11 ounces not to weigh you down, but packed with an impressive array of features that just might help you avoid and/or get out of trouble.

A monocrystal solar panel powers Eton’s 1800mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, then the fun – and safety – begins. Raptor gives you an altimeter, barometer and compass. It also has an AM/FM/WB digital radio tuner (with presets to NOAA weather alerts, of course). And with the USB connection, the unit – which can also be charged by DC power – can be used to juice your cell phone.  Pretty important, considering how many people are plucked from danger in the wilderness after reaching rescuers via their cell phone.

Eton Raptor solar-powered adventure tool

image via Eton

In a statement, Eton CEO Esmail Amid-Hozour said, “We’ve incorporated a multitude of novel features into the Raptor and it will no doubt become a must-have device for anyone exploring the outdoors.” For the smart folks, at least. The company said the product will be available in 2011, but did not reveal a price.

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