Volvo C70 Gets Nice Electric Overhaul

You want range? A Volvo electric conversion by Electroengine has it in spades, according to a recent release, boasting more than 200 miles on a single charge.

Unveiled for the first time in Volvo’s home-turf of Sweden at the Electric Car Seminar in Helsingborg in November, the True Electric C70 project was conducted by Electroengine with the help of three sponsors: Öresundskraft, Lunds Energi and Energihuset.  The results have been impressive, to say the least.

Volvo C70 True Electric

image via Electroengine

In addition to its range, Electroengine’s version of the Volvo C70 acclerates from 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds (over a second and half quicker than the 2011 gas model with a turbo 2.5 liter engine, according to Green Autoblog) and tops out at over 125 mph, all with “no compromise on safety or comfort.” All that power comes, in part, from electric Yasa motors on all four wheels. Björn Karlström of Electroengine  highlights the C70 project as a true demonstration of what his company’s True Electric technology is capable of  when comprehensively applied to a large, high-performance car.

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