Concept EV Zips Letters Between Lanes

When traffic backs up and tempers flare, why should motorcycles have all the fun? A new concept by industrial designer Michael Barthels of Berlin called the Follow Me sneaks right through open spaces between lanes with a teeny tiny little electric vehicle designed for inner city postal deliveries.

The Follow Me maximizes storage space for letters and packages, despite its slim profile, with a vertical trunk that fits directly behind the driver’s seat. It features an easy-replacement pull-out battery ideal for changing out in the course of picking up more mail at a local distribution center, which can then recharge batteries for the city’s fleet of Follow Me’s, ideally via some sort of renewable energy.

Follow Me concept

image via Michael Barthels

While cute and clearly very functional, this doesn’t look like the safest ride on earth. In fact, it looks much like a toy version of a forklift, minus the lift. Could this work in inner cities, while reducing the municipal carbon footprint? Sure–but you wouldn’t want your distribution routes to include any high-speed streets.

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