Nissan Offers EV Charging At Dealerships

Over 90% of those 20,000 individuals who’ve gone ahead and reserved a brand new Nissan Leaf live within 10 miles of a dealership–a fact, apparently, that has inspired Nissan to install Level II (240 volt) charging stations at dealerships within select target markets, for use by its customers (no word on whether there’s a charge for the service).

More than 40 Level 2 (240V) charging stations have already been installed at dealerships, and by the time the New Year is no longer new, more than 150 dealers in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Tennessee will have four charging docks installed: two for operational support and two in customer-access areas.

image via Nissan

Impressively, all dealers who aspire to sell the Nissan Leaf first must attain zero-emission certification– a process which includes online and in-person  training as well as an investment in the tools and charging to support the sale and service of the Nissan Leaf. All dealer charging stations will supplied by AeroVironment, which will also be providing Nissan’s home charging stations.

The all-electric Nissan Leaf begins rolling out to select markets in the United States, Japan and Europe in December of this year. Initially, it will be produced in Oppama, Japan, but starting in 2012, the car will begin production in Nissan’s Smyrna, Tennessee assembly plant.

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