Suzuki Debuts Cute Electric Scooter

It’s got the form, but how about the function? That’s what the folks over at the Suzuki Motor Corporation would like to know about their new electric scooter prototype, the e-Let’s. Towards that end, the scooter is currently undergoing testing in on public roads in Japan. (On-road trials apparently began after Suzuki registered the e-Let’s as a moped with local authorities.) Should road trials prove successful, Suzuki plans to use the resulting data in developing a production model scooter by the same name.

This cute little number is based on a gas-fired scooter called the Let’s4 Basket (named, apparently, after it’s up-front space for groceries and other such items, though we’re not sure about the ‘Let’s’ part).  It features a high-performance in-wheel motor with regenerative braking capacity,  a lithium-ion battery, and a charging system within a chassis that weighs about the same as it’s gas-powered counterpart. According to Suzuki, the e-Let’s also offers “smooth acceleration, nimble performance, and low vibration,” as well as the quiet, zero-emission-from-the-tailpipe profile of electric scooters everywhere.

Suzuki e-Let's Scooter

image via Suzuki Motor Corporation

The e-Let’s is charged via a 100V household outlet within about four hours and provides a range of around 30km (18 miles).  That is, assuming the scooter is ridden at 18 mph on level roads–which seems to limit the utility of this scooter considerably. Here’s hoping there’s a higher-powered version in the works, as well.

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