Frito Lay Rolls Out Electric Delivery

Sitting around eating a bunch of Lays and Fritos, by most accounts, isn’t all that great for your health. But now, believe it or not, the trucks that deliver your favorite crunchy indulgences are benefiting your local air-quality with one hundred percent electric propulsion–that is, if you live in New York City, Forth Worth, Texas, or now, Columbus, Ohio.

Frito-Lay would like you to know that these ten new electric delivery trucks rolling around Columbus will ultimately be part of the largest fleet of commercial all-electric trucks in North America. The company will be rolling out 21 new electric trucks this year in the U.S. and Canada and 155 more in 2011–at which point, they’ll secure that title, if FedEx hasn’t beaten them to it. The snack maker had previously been testing these electric trucks for usage.

Frito Lay Electric Truck

image via Frito Lay

If all that doesn’t make you feel good about polishing off a bag of potato chips, consider this: Frito-Lay’s all-electric fleet was designed and manufactured by Smith Electric Vehicles, the nation’s top manufacturer of battery-electric trucks, recently honored by President Obama for its creation of green American jobs. Snack on!

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