Students’ Electric Vehicle Does 300 MPG

Does this car look like a childhood dream? In a way, it is–the dream, specifically of a number of students from the DeLaSalle School in Kansas City, Mo.. But it’s also a concrete reality, in the form of a prototype that just completed testing at Bridgestone Texas Proving Grounds, setting what its developers believe is a world record for efficiency.

Developed in collaboration with engineers from Bridgestone Americas’ Technical Center in Akron, Ohio, the DeLaSalle electric car (which comes to us by way of ZerCustoms) was built as a class project under the supervision of instructor Steve Rees. It’s a sleek electric plug-in electric with a futuristic, transparent shell, built on the chassis 2000 Lola Indy Car. Students developed the car’s drive-line, electric propulsion system and the full, ultra light-weight aerodynamic body.

DeLaSalle_Electric Car

image via ZerCustoms

All right, so you know it’s pretty and fast. If this thing is efficient enough to bother the good folks over at Guinness, what are the actual numbers? Here we go (drum roll please!): dressed with Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 tires, the DeLaSalle electric car managed to achieve electric efficiencies during testing equivalent to 300 mpg fuel consumption. Now that’s what we call a dream machine.

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  • Reply August 24, 2010

    Randy Williams

    Get ready for a huge check from the major oil companies, guys. They’ll never let this get to the public. GREAT JOB.

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