Electric Off Road Scooter Provides Quiet Way To Hunt Bambi?

Electric scooter manufacturer Zev certainly likes to try to make itself stand out from its competitors. A few months ago it claimed to have the fastest electric scooter to date, and now apparently it has unveiled an off-road electric scooter you can use for hauling stuff with, such as deer you stalk while riding the electric vehicle. Two models make up this offering: the Zev6100 and Zev5100.

Zev, according to GizMag, says these scooters are the world’s first street legal electric trail and dirt road motor scooters. They are described as being like “a 2 wheel pickup truck” that sports battery capacities of 4.32 Kwh in the 5100 model and 5.04 Kwh in the 6100 model. This also reportedly provides for “the maximum possible range in any electric scooter made in the world,” with Zev saying the 5100 will go 70 miles on a single charge, while the 6100 gets up to 85 miles in dirt road testing. Top speeds are 50 MPH and 58 MPH, respectively.

Zev 6100

image via Zev

Possible scenarios under which you might enjoy these electric scooters in the wild, according to Zev, include sneaking up on wildlife without scaring them and hunting from your vehicle (where allowed by law, of course). While the thought of gunning down deer with a rifle while sitting on an electric scooter seems a little weird, consider this: Zev says the “large seat rear section flips up and locks to become a backrest.  This also reveals a heavy duty load rack that can haul…or just [be used for[ hauling home your trophy deer.” Guess this means you won’t have to tie a rope to your kill and drag it along behind your scooter as you drive quietly out from the backcountry?

Regular retail prices for these scooters, which look to also be eligible for federal tax credits, are set at around $5,990 for the 5100 model and $7,520 for the 6100.

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