Dynacar Electric Car Goes 0-90 MPH In 10 Seconds

Move over, Tesla, here comes the Dynacar–the electric car that can reach nearly 90 mph in just 10 seconds.

The brainchild of Spain’s Tecnalia Technological Corporation, the two-seater Dynacar has a single-shell, high-rigidity lightweight chassis of steel and aluminium alloy, a peak power of 100 kW provided by a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, a total weight of 1540 pounds and an energy storage capacity of 15 kWh. Acceleration from 0 to 62 mph is estimated to be under 5.7 seconds (the optimum management of traction control being critical), with a peak speed of approximately 90 mph possible.


image via Physorg

Don’t let the lead of this article fool you, though–Tecnalia isn’t interested in competing with Tesla, or any other electric car manufacturer, so much as they are in developing the acceleration technology and traction control those manufacturers will be using in our electrically transported future. Towards that end, the Dynacar will serve as a research platform for new concepts in high-powered electric traction, as well as systems that allow for maximum leverage from new propulsion systems, such as boost vectorization and/or distributed traction via in-wheel motors and regenerative braking. The car recently made its public debut at the International Eco Friendly Vehicle & Sustainable Mobility Show in Madrid.

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