Vintage Electric Motorcycle Classic Rocks Our World

Take a Royal Enfield Bullet, pull out the old gas-fired engine, replace it with a high-powered electric, and what do you get? The HHI Volta 102, a modern electric motorcycle that looks like a classic motorbike.

Green Autoblog reports a 6kw EnerTrac MHM 602 motor puts the get-up-and-go in this very cool, vintage-looking electric vehicle, with power supplied by a 102-volt lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack that gives the bike its name. While no performance specs are currently available, with this much power at hand, the Volta 102 promises some fast and fun times on the road–and it ought to, considering the cost of purchase here is equivalent to that of a new car.  (Of course, there are only 8 of these custom, hand-built bikes available before 2012, so if you want one, you’ll have to move quick.)


image via Green Autoblog

James Hammarhead, founder of Hammarhead Industries, claims that his mission is to build “elemental motorcycles outside of the plastic-encrusted mainstream motorcycle industry” modeled on the taut lines and lean form of the iconic motorcycles of the 1950’s. The Volta 102 won’t come cheap, but you can rest assured it’s absolutely unique, built with an eye towards repurposing, recycling and efficiency. And the thrill of riding an authentic, vintage bike that’s as quiet as a bicycle is absolutely priceless, right? (Right?)

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