Power Walking Off-Grid Kinetic Charger Holds Promise

What’s that you say? You can’t use an off-grid charger? Because you live in a dark and overcast climate? Now, you’ve lost your excuse. The nPower PEG uses kinetic energy to provide portable power for your electronics, giving new meaning to the “power-walk.”

This 9″ long, 9 oz. device works whenever you are in motion. That means you can simply plug in your mobile, place the nPower PEG vertically in your bag or on your hip and go for a walk or run; the nPower PEG from Tremont Electric will harvest all those jiggles and bumps to deliver charge at the same rate as a wall charger, which is a lot faster than most kinetic chargers. The upshot? According to the company, an hour of walking equals 80% charge on most devices.


image via Gizmag

This product possesses a combination of factors that may finally help kinetic chargers see the kind of breakthrough success that solar chargers have in recent years–first, because you don’t have to crank it by hand, and second, because you can actually use it to harvest the energy generated by your body during almost any type of exercise. (According to Gizmag, you can throw it in your backpack, fannypack, handbag, brief case or glovebox and it will collect and store energy from your movements). The first 1000 units of the nPower PEG  will come engraved as “First Mover” Editions; they’re priced at $150.

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    This is available now! if you enter “IN5SCKZS” when you order from npowerpeg you’ll get free shipping, too.

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