Izh Hybrid Concept Motorcycle Is A Sweet Imaginary Ride Indeed

A lot of concepts we look at each day researching news stories for your reading enjoyment we pass quickly by, finding them boring. One which got our eye recently though, as first pointed out on Yanko Design, is a very hot and sexy hybrid motorcycle design by Igor Chak called the 2012 Izh Hybrid Concept.

The 2012 Izh, as a hybrid mode of transportation, has on board both a 140 hp v-twin engine and a lithium sulfide powered 60 w electric engine with a two speed gearbox built into the rear rim. It works off of a six speed clutch with available auto transmission and includes other driving functions like magnetic brakes and a hydraulic back up system.

Izh Motorcycle

image via Igor Chak

Being as this is a concept idea, Chak has chosen to load down the Izh with enough features to make even James Bond want one. The long laundry list includes a night vision front facing camera, 3D LCD display, augmented reality display for the built-in GPS system, mobile phone integration with Bluetooth support and wireless Internet connectivity.

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    Awesome looking bike!

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