Gerbil Valley Start Up Announces Hamster Wheel-Powered Electric Car

Electric cars are becoming all the rage as mainstream and niche auto manufacturers rush these types of vehicles to market so they can establish themselves as an early player. Keeping these vehicles powered though on a daily basis can be challenging at this point though as the infrastructure of electric charging stations and such is not widely built out yet. Internal vehicle technologies like regenerative braking can help to recharge car batteries, so some companies are looking at other eco-focused tech to help them keep their electric cars moving. Enter today a new stealth Gerbil Valley start up: Hamster Wheel Motors.

Hamster Wheel Motors said that its solution to keeping its prototype electric car, the Gerbil 1, moving is simple and can involve your favorite small furry pet: internal hamster wheels located under the hood of your car. One simply pops open the hood, gathers three or four hamsters, drops them into respective individual hamster wheels securely placed next to one another and lets the hamsters go at it. Three and four hamster wheel Gerbil 1 models exist to charge the internal battery of the car more quickly and Hamster Wheel Motors claims the hamsters are safe from harm in the enclosed, heated hamster wheels as well as being protected from noxious carbon fumes since the Gerbil 1 is a net zero carbon roadster driven by hamster power.

Gerbil 1

image via Hamster Wheel Motors

“The hamsters are completely safe and comfortable inside the Gerbil 1,” said Hamster Wheel Motors president and chief furry guy Gary Gerbil in a written statement, “and they just go about their business while at the same time helping to promote a greener planet. We feel our hamster-powered, electric car will pave future paths for green autos whereby owners and pets together make a difference in making the Earth a better place.” No word on pricing or release date as of yet, but the Gerbil 1 electric car will surely inspire hamsters and their owners worldwide to travel green like this little guy.

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