Valmet Eva Electric Car Gets Some Noticing In Europe

A recent report suggests that when it comes to green cars, consumers want more than eco.  A new electric concept car from Finnish automaker Valmet Automotive seems to bear this in mind–and stylishly, too.

The Eva all-electric concept car, according to Ecofriend, features a familiar (and functional) two-by-two form built on an advanced aluminum space frame, giving it an appearance similar to a regular hatchback. It also features Nokia smartphone technology that allows your handset’s apps to be accessed through the built-in infotainment system that also provides information related to the car’s performance, as in the ever-popular Prius. The car also comes with a NAVTEQ-supplied navigation computer that can take the terrain into account to plan the most efficient route, as well as pinpoint the nearest charging station. It even has its own charger unit which can be activated via SMS. (!) As for it’s straight up eco-specs, the Evo certainly isn’t lacking: producing zero emissions, this concept car gets nearly 100 miles to the charge. 


image via Ecofriend

Valmet created the Eva, apparently, to show off the expertise they’ve built as engineering and manufacturing partner for two of Europe’s most famous electric cars, the THINK City and the Golf Car Garia; soon, they’ll be gearing up production for the Fisker Karma, a premium plug-in hybrid EV. (They’ve also learned a thing or two about a thing or two manufacturing the Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman.) Let’s hope Valmet decides to take all that automotive smarts to the streets in the form of the mass-market Eva sometime soon.

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