OEX-B Expedition Vehicle Concept Does The Hybrid Moon Buggy Thing

Forget the classic Jeep trundling through the Serengeti–if you want to do an expedition in style (and from the safety of an enclosed vehicle) the Overland Expedition, a type B concept vehicle by designer Hamid Reza Bekhradi is the way to go.

The OEX-B, as it’s called,  is all about the view, featuring seats that face the sides of the road, a hatch on the tail that opens for viewing out the back, a lateral extendable balcony with built-in binoculars (very cool), and a huge wrap-around windshield (of course)! According to Yanko Design, the OEX-B has room for no less than 20 passengers, and comes in two models–both of them can handle long distances in any terrain, but one was designed specifically for African safaris. 


image via Yanko Design

Each of these vehicles is built around a modular platform featuring a “series-hybrid system” assisted by a diesel generator, classifying the OEX-B as a “Range Extended Electric Vehicle” (REEV). Each of the wheels have an in-wheel motor, which opens the vehicle up for reconfiguration, depending on how many passengers your next safari expects to accommodate.


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