Fedex To Test Electric Vehicles As Express Delivery Trucks

An eco-shipping option? While sending anything anywhere necessarily involves the use of fossil fuels at the moment, Fedex appears to be stepping up to the plate in terms of cutting down greenhouse gases while getting what you need where you need it.

Fedex has already shown some leadership on this issue way back in 2004 when they introduced hybrid-electric commercial trucks. (Their alternative energy fleet, at present, currently totals 1,400 world wide.) Now the global company is testing the waters on EVs by introducing four zero-emissions electric delivery trucks to the demanding Los Angeles delivery circuit, with the goal of giving these prototype trucks “a real work-out,” testing for reliability and range.


image via Fedex

Two of the new all-electric trucks will come from Navistar, based on the Modec design already operated by FedEx in Europe. These Modec trucks bound for LA will make their debut at a kick-off event in Chicago and then travel historic Route 66 to L.A. as part of Fedex’s “Charge Up Route 66” tour, intended to pay homage to America’s transportation past and future. The second pair of electric vehicles is being purchased from a different, undisclosed manufacturer for delivery to the Los Angeles area later in 2010. Both sets of electric vehicles are designed with a range that allows many FedEx Express couriers to make a full eight-hour shift of deliveries before recharging.

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