BMW HP Kunst Eco Motorcycle Concept Cool Looking Ride

When most people think BMW, it’s likely they’re overcome by visions of sleek sports cars devouring open roads, motorcyclists expertly cutting tight corners as their Beamer bikes rumble beneath them; and, these days, a spotlight on eco-friendly automotive designs. Perpetuating the German auto company’s environmentally friendly focus is a concept BMW bike dubbed the BMW HP Kunst.

Designed by students Arik Schwarz, Benoît Czyz, Charles Edouard Berche, and Vincent Montreuil, all of whom hail from the International School of Design (ISD) in France, the Kunst combines BMW’s trademark white, blue, and black color scheme with an eco-friendly composition and lustrous aesthetics. Noticed by Yanko Design, the Kunst “employs a cryogenic hydrogen tank, battery Li-Po, electronical brakes and controls, and electromagnetic suspensions.”

bmw kunst

Image via Yanko Design

Said to be aimed at the HP range of bikes such as the BMW Motorrad, elements of the Kunst’s make-up such as its fuel cell, aluminum frame, and Battery Li-Po are testament to the students’ desire to create an aesthetically pleasing vehicle that runs well and tears across roadways while treading lightly on the environment.

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