Micron EV Offers Young Folk Their First Eco-Ride

Say you’re 14 and you care about the environment and stuff.  Not only that, but getting dropped off by your parents is just so junior high. What you need is the Micron, the zero-emissions four-wheeled electric ride designed for “young individuals.”

Powered by electric batteries, Ecofriend reports that the Micron was developed by Exid as a solution to smoggy skies and congested traffic. With a range of around 93 miles and a top speed of 28 mph, this is definitely not a highway vehicle, but at just under 800 lbs, you probably wouldn’t want to risk it anyway.

image via Ecofriend

image via Ecofriend

According to Exid, you don’t need a driver’s license to drive a Micron–although it is, apparently, designed for the street, not the sidewalk. Does this mean we’re destined to face hordes of new teens piloting these funky little four-wheelers like futuristic bumper cars down busy urban streets? The company doesn’t offer a whole lot of information on the subject, but they do have a very cool video.

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