EcoV Low Speed Electric Vehicle Announced For Neighborhoods

Low speed vehicles (LSV) which are electric are set to become a more common item seen in neighborhoods where people don’t have to go far to get their errands done. A pair of companies with their own vision for a vehicle to fill this niche market recently announced plans to manufacture one here in the United States.

EnVironmental Transportation Solutions, the designer, and OEM Energy Components Group jointly said they will be bringing to market the EcoV. This fully enclosed, four wheel LSV will have a standard range of up to 40 miles. It can be charged through a standard wall outlet and costs around $12,000. It is said the EcoV will also qualify for individual federal tax credits up to $5,000.

image via EnVironmental Transportation Solutions

Plans are afoot for 2, 4 and 6-passenger multi-purpose vehicles as well as pick-up and delivery trucks. Besides being fully enclosed, the EcoV will have heating/ventilation capabilities as well as optional air conditioning. No specific time frame for release has been mentioned.

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