The CX Excavator: Dig That Hybrid Technology

When it comes to hybrid technology, why should vehicles designed for human transport have all the fun? Construction (and even deconstruction) suck up plenty of fossil fuels, and the CX Excavator concept design by Han Jeong Bok, Kim Eui Sik, and Lee Dong Chirl is here to help.

Beyond its gas-electric hybrid engine–and perhaps the built in counterbalance and sliding cabin, which may help with more efficient digging–the focus of the CX Excavator seems to be on the kind of whiz-bang gadgetry that would excite your average machine-obsessed small boy, including: independent articulate suspension for each of the tracks, a seat that remains steady no matter what else in the cabin moves, and a touch-screen interface, or “Haptic Control Panel.”

image via Yankodesign

image via Yankodesign

Hopefully, this tricked-out hybrid excavator concept design will get some grown up boys excited, too; the ones who produce construction equipment, and sell it all over the world. Next up, the CAT hybrid?

CX Excavator

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