Sporty Electric Trike, Now As Low As $22K (Maybe)

Got $23,000-$30,000 to drop on a green electric vehicle? Why not go for maximum visual impact, with an eye-popping sportscar-lookalike trike? Myers Motors has announced that it is now prepared to take pre-orders on the NMG2, it’s bright orange two seater electric trike.

That pre-order part is important, because for every 200 people who reserve their NMG2, Myers will use its volume discount to drop the price by $1,000. The company plans to wait until June 5, 2010 to see how many pre-orders they have to set the final price; if a thousand people pre-order the vehicle (with an estimated Federal tax credit of $2,499.50) the best possible price on the EV will be $22,495.50, according to the company.

image via Green Autoblog

image via Green Autoblog

The range of the standard NMG2 Lithium Ion battery pack is 60 miles, though 80-mile and 100-mile battery packs are available for $2500 and $5000, respectively. The vehicle has a 100,000+ mile battery life expectancy before capacity drops to 80%. Other details concerning the NMG2 are currently unavailable.

NMG2 [via Green Autoblog]

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