Future Human Transport, 2030: The Bionic Concept Car

Let the battle of the tiny green concept cars begin! Designer Vlad Icobet envisions a future populated by Bionic cars that run on solar energy generated by a see-through roof with attached solar PV cells, zipping through the ultra-crowded cities of 2030.

The Bionic concept car is a super-futuristic vehicle that draws inspiration from the organic shapes of nature and blends it with advanced eco-technologies–including advanced and optimized materials (EAP-electro-active polymer layers) that change shape in order to fit the shapes and sizes of different users. (!)  The Bionic concept makes use of Nano PV cells and a lithium ION battery for zero carbon emissions, as well as advanced in-wheel motor technology, which would allow the car to rotate a sharp 360° angle for snagging those sweet parking spots of the future.

image via Yankodesign

image via Yankodesign

The Bionic car would feature an interactive display allowing the driver both to choose and watch the vehicle’s reshaping options, with “modification zones” located in the seat surfaces to “control the expression of the seats for better comfort.” Now, for the Bionic airplane…

Bionic concept car

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