ECO-Auger Delivers Fish-Friendly Hydro-Electric

The concept of using moving water to create electricity is not a new one, but doing so without damming rivers and damaging wildlife so far has been science fiction. Enter the ECO-Auger by Smart Product Innovations from Juno Beach FL–a hydrokinetic machine that uses moving water from river and ocean currents to create clean renewable electricity.

Designed with tapered helical leads rather than sharp edges, the ECO-Auger does not impact marine wildlife; it’s driven by moving water, which forces the machine to rotate. The rotation is directly coupled to a high-pressure hydraulic pump located in the machine’s nose cone–tethered to bridges or anchored in moving water–which stabilizes the torque generated from the rotation and transfers it to the hydraulic pump. The pump supplies variable volumes of high-pressure fluid at a set controlled pressure, which then feeds an oil-driven electric generator.

image via Smart Product Innovations

image via Smart Product Innovations

The ECO-Auger recently received the ConocoPhillips Energy Prize, which recognizes new ideas and actionable solutions that can help improve the way the US develops and uses energy. “We intend to use the awarded funds to push harder, faster and further to prove the validity of this device to capture clean, renewable energy for all mankind,” said  Scott Anderson, CEO of Smart Products Innovations, in a statement.

ECO-Auger [via press release]

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