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Record-Breaking Milestone For American Wind Power

Wind power has hit an important milestone in America, with 980 working wind installations generating 70 gigawatts of renewable electricity. Solar power gets a lot of attention because it’s so much more visible to many […]

Australia’s Prime Minister Cuts Funding for Wind Power

Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, doesn’t like wind turbines. He has made dramatic cuts in government subsidies for wind farms, in a move that’s sure to hold back Australia’s renewable energy sector. Tony Abbott has […]

Wind Farm Pressed To Protect Eagles

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is pressing a California wind power plant operator to save golden eagles to make up for the turbines’ impacts.

Vestas Wind Work Perks Up In Colorado

Vestas factories in Colorado will manufacture the blades, towers and nacelles for the company’s new V110-2.0 MW turbine to be used at wind farms in the United States.