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Why China Isn’t Ready For Electric Vehicles

By 2020, auto analysts expect more than 2 million electric vehicles to be sold every year. That’s a huge leap from the 113,000 electric vehicles that were sold in 2012. It’s also why China has set its sights on trying… Read More
High Speed Rail

13 Of The Fastest Electric Vehicles On Earth

Have you ever wondered what the fastest electric vehicles on Earth might be? This infographic below, which we became aware of via Inhabitat, offers some insights into some of the modes of cleaner transportation out there which are the most… Read More
Toyota Prius

Used Hybrids, Electric Vehicles Slip In Retail Value

Are electric cars and hybrids overpriced for what they offer? That’s often been the argument of many in deferring purchases of such vehicles, despite the likes of Ford and other auto manufacturers seeing gradual increases in related sales. New data… Read More